Impact Attack Archery is proud to introduce Southern Alberta to the newest sport spreading across the globe. The game is Arrow Tag/PVP Archery and it combines elements of dodgeball, paintball, and traditional archery into one high energy, action packed activity. This new team based sport utilizes communication and teamwork to best your opponent. Different game modes challenge players in unique ways and help build self-confidence,
promote communication,
and improve teamwork skills.


We are 100% mobile! This allows us maximum versatility and makes Impact Attack Archery an activity perfectly suited for a number of events and occasions. We can set up play both outdoors and indoors provided there is an open space 12-15 meters wide by 25-30 meters long, with about 10 meter buffer around the perimeter.

We bring the equipment, staff and fun to your location of choice!


Arrow Tag/PVP Archery is a fun team-based activity that is best played with large groups of people. Grab your friends, relatives, colleagues, youth group, club or team and let's play!


Have a team building event at work coming up? A bachelor/bachelorette party? Family reunion? Why not give us a call and add Southern Alberta's newest sport to the schedule! 


Kids 12+ are sure to love arrow tag/PVP archery and the health benefits make it a great school event. We have exciting plans for schools that any teacher, parent council or school board will want to check out